The Choice of Leaders

A complicated world requires the very best in experienced advice and direction, especially for strategic communications. For managing difficult issues thrust upon you that affect your reputation, whether they come from within the organization or are external problems. For motivating sustainable change and productive solutions that drive the enterprise toward its goals. And for putting a sharper edge on your perceived competitive advantages so your company can prosper.


Speed matters. So we are ready to dive deep into your complex issues quickly. We are here to help you avoid minefields, turn around reputational issues and confront crises favorably. We can maximize your competitive visibility, give voice to the C-suite and leadership team, help successfully launch products and services, and develop point-on communication plans for business transformations, M&A and special situations.


Our business counsel is steeped in decades of multi-industry experiences from journalism, advertising, public affairs and public relations. We have a profound understanding of business, not just communications, so we understand the inter-connectedness of business disciplines. With hands-on executive responsibilities in P&L, M&A and personnel management, internationally and domestically, we understand the push and pull of the C-suite.


Sometimes a problem necessitates a wider net of thought or specialty experience. We have strategically partnered with a variety of veteran public relations professionals and integrated marketing communications companies with industry expertise. These are people we trust to add value and insights to a plan of action when needed. Getting the best solution to you is what motivates us to stay Sharp. Incisive. Cutting Edge.