The Must-Read Book on Communications & Leadership


Jack has written an insightful book on leadership and communication. Filled with advice and captivating
stories from his extensive career in public relations and communications, it is being hailed as a rare
perspective from a seasoned practitioner.

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“Talk Is Chief is a guide to leadership at a challenging time of tweets, fake news and growing divisions…”
- Leon Panetta, Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, CIA Director, member of Congress, Chairman of the Panetta Institute for Public Policy

“Jack has brought to the forefront the critical skill necessary in … leading companies to greatness. …  Intuitive, compelling, and practical for all leaders!”
– Jim Brooks, Chief Operating Officer, Control Risks

“…a must-read book for both seasoned and aspiring business leaders. You will learn firsthand why culture, leadership, candid communications and a persistent focus on reinvention are the defining qualities of the world’s best-run companies.”
– Dave Samson, General Manager of Public Affairs,  Chevron Corporation

“Jack takes the reader on a journey to prove the power of effective communications and gives leaders the principals needed for implementation within their own organizations. … A must have book for management educators and business leaders.”
– Dipak Jain, President, China Europe International Business School

“There is no one more qualified to talk about the critical role of communication in driving organizational performance. … You will be inspired, informed and entertained by this book.”
– Lisa Macpherson, Fellow, Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Hallmark Cards

“Read this book and learn from one of the best international communications executives.”
– Guillaume Herbette, Chief Executive Officer, MSL Group, Publicis

Anyone who is in a position of leadership and decision-making – CEOs, CFOs, all C-suite individuals, Board of Directors, executive recruiters, middle managers, etc. – in business, government, or non-profit organizations – should read this book.

The book covers a multitude of areas, including internal problems, press issues, consumer/NGO activism, CEO responses, and crisis management, and from a variety of industries, governments and non-profits with many fascinating facts. Examples are provided on what has worked and what has gone awry.

Talk Is Chief is being published by New York-based RosettaBooks. It will be released in the fall of 2019 through Simon & Schuster in traditional bookstores and will also be available through Amazon. Pre-orders can be purchased through Barnes & Noble and For more information, signed copies or bulk sales please sign up for a book update.

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